Maltese "Toy"

The Maltese size is described in the standard of the Italian national canine corporate body (ENCI) is “unique” and foresees an inclusive weight between 3 and 4 kilos.

Under or above these weights our little furry one does not fit in the standard size.

In the last years there is a great request of undersized or so-called TOY also called with a lot of other fancy names such as "toy, tea cup, micro tea cup, pocket, tiny toy, dwarf" and many more. It’s important to know that these puppies are simply “undersize” puppies, in other words they do not meet the requirements of the breed, and therefore they may never be dogs suitable for shows. Many people ask me if they “exist” and if they are “healthy”

We need to stress the fact that the Maltese there is an only size, and who desires to participate in some show, must choose a puppy that shall respects the breed standards, but healthy Maltese of around 2,00 kilos exist and you can verify here it yourselves here in our place. They are simply puppies born by parents in standard, but that (as it also happens to us human) just happen sometimes to be smaller than others.

These puppies, can have a long and happy life just as their little brothers "in standard size", but when you chose a Toy it is important to be aware that for their tiny constitution they are more delicate, they require more care and attentions and that the small children playing, might unintentionally hurt him. Our "toy" or undersize, are therefore healthy puppies because been born by healthy parents and tested for hereditary illnesses.

Here are a few suggestions to whom is looking for a "toy":

Since there is a high demand, some "dealers" without scruples have begun to sell puppies that yes, are small, but because afflicted by various pathologies or some times also undernourished and kept separated by their mothers to slow down its growth. A Maltese even if small, must be healthy and with the correct proportions, otherwise very soon you will find yourself with a dog that of Maltese has only the color, with serious health and behavioral issues to take care of for the rest of his/her life. It’s important that its purchase must be accompanied by a certificate of good health stamped by a veterinarian. In the certificate you must have find the microchip number and the date of the medical examination.

These seem obvious things, but unfortunately I have seen every kind of situations, therefore my sincere suggestion is: always watch out a lot, ask as more guarantees as possible, address to professionals of the sector or to people that show you the whole documentation regarding the entire puppy family, showing you both parents, demand to read the microchips of their parents and check for the exact same stamped on the documents.